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Dine Out Boston 2016: Ristorante Fiore Lunch Menu

Dine Out Boston 2016: Ristorante Fiore Lunch Menu -Starter- (Choice of one) Pasta Fagioli: Our classic pasta and beans soup Italian Wedge Salad: Crispy romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, sweet red onions, blue cheese dressing,gorgonzola dolce, smoked Burkshire pork pancetta -Entree- (Choice of one) Salmone: Fresh Salmon, baby spinach, vodka sauce, homemade tagliatelle Lasagna: Homemade pasta sheets layered with besciamela sauce, slow braised beef, ricotta, mozzarella, parmigiano cheese Penne con Pollo: Boneless breast of chicken, red pepper, artichoke hearts, cherry tomato, light cream, parmigiano cheese Panino Italiano: Pizza focaccia, mortadella, capicolla, salami, prosciutto, mozzarella, caciocavallo cheese, sliced tomato, arugula salad, olive oil and aged balsamic Pollo: Pizza focaccia, chicken cutlet, pomodoro, mozzarella […]


Ristorante Fiore Annual Game Dinner

Feast your eyes on some of the amazing selections from Ristorante Fiore’s Annual Game Dinner, which was held on February 9, 2016! First course: Wild boar sausage, pecorino tartufato, cirignola olives Pasta course homemade fusilli with a wild boar, elk, bison bolognese Entree 1: Half roasted pheasant, roasted asparagus, and arugula Entree 2: Roasted leg of duck confit, roasted potato, mescaline greens Entree 3: Venison french rib rack, balsamic vincotto, truffled mashed potato Entree 4: Bison short ribs, creamy polenta Ristorante Fiore, located in Boston’s historic North End is a sophisticated ristorante serving up a seasonally-inspired, classic, Italian menu. A personal […]